Medicare in Elko County

Working on Better Access to Primary Care Doctors
for Elko County Seniors using Medicare and Medicaid

Questions about Medicare?
Problems with Medicare?

Medicare Assistance Program (MAP)
provides free, unbiased, and personalized Medicare counseling to assist individuals
1071 Idaho St, Elko
775-284-1892 - local number
844-826-2085 - toll free

Nevada Office for Consumer Health Assistance
Call toll-free 888-333-1597

Medical provider List

What primary or family practice clinics will take a new patient using Medicare?


Need to learn the basics of Medicare?

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Most people will need Medicare A&B, a supplement plan and Medicare D, a prescription plan. Set up an account on to see the plans available in Nevada. Call MAP for help in choosing plans.

Medicare C, advantage plan, is not available to people in rural counties of Nevada, including Elko County. Only traditional Medicare is available here.

Call MAP to find your enrollment periods when first signing up for Medicare.

If you plan to work past 65 and will have health insurance, call MAP to learn about the options and complexities in that plan.

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slides from January, 2018 (PDF file)

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Residents, Nurse Practitioners and
Physicians Assistants

provide good medicine

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